3D photos of the artworks

01_066_naturaleza_muerta_-_detalle.jpg The Madrid photographer Javier González saw at friends the calendar with my latest artworks of the past year. My friends enthused about the artworks and highlighted the three-dimensional effect, which they liked so much at my works. Javier, a specialist for 3D photography searched contacting me, to find out whether it is possible to enforce the 3D effect at the photos by using a better photographic technique.

There are several possibilities and one of these makes it necessary to use eyeglasses with red and green lenses. We decided to use the 2-photos-technique, where one photo is made with the frontal illumination and a second photo is made with a lateral illumination to work out the shadows of the objects. At two dates we made the photos of those artworks, where the 3D effect was visible at best.
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Acrylic paint on canvas

168_chica_con_gafas_de_sol.jpg Since the beginning of my work as artist I was focused on sculptures made by objects of daily use, which were either made as a free-standing sculpture or fixed as a sculpture on a wooden table. Seldom examples of pure paintings are the aquarelles of Málaga from the beginning period, the 4 aquarelles with impressions from the holiday journey in Turkey plus some illustrations of books about the travels at this time.

During the last years I noticed the wish to paint sometimes on canvas. I never did it before. This artistically experience I didn’t want to miss. A generously birthday present of my Mother provided me with 24 canvas. 12 of them in the small size of 80 x 60 cm, 12 of them in the large size of 120 x 80 cm. Additionally acrylic painting in the basic colours blue, red, yellow, green plus white and black as well as palette knives and paintbrushes.
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20 famous paintings

095_banistas.jpg The re-interpretation of works of art is by no means a new concept. All the great painters have painted their "own" bathers using inspiration from one of the greats. Take Sandro Botticelli, Peter Paul Rubens and Antonio Canova, for example: all these artists have produced incredible versions of "The three graces" in their own unique styles. Even in the music industry, cover versions have seen a very similar tradition; how many versions of ... more

Art education at a Munich primary school

project_schule_01.jpg The art of working with objects and seeing them in a new light is something that really appeals to children. It would often be the children viewing my creations that were able to name the component objects without a second thought, sometimes taking mischievous delight in doing so. A haircut made of a brush here, a straw-hat face there. Children's imaginations are really free to run wild once their ability to look at objects in a new way has been awakened. ... more